Our Objectives

Olympia objective is to sell about 40000 Tons (olympia brand) of high quality lubricants In Europe, African, Asian and Middle east markets. Apart from olympia production, we are carryingout third party filling for reputed companies.

Olympia has laid clear objectives, which are understood by all personnel of the company thus providing the focus, which is very important for the success of the company.

The objectives are:

» To achive the production & Marketing of 40000 Tons of Finished product.
» To be customer responsive in delivery and service.
» To provide high quality lubricants which meet the needs of the customer
» To develop and maintain highly dedicated and motivated personnel within the company.
» To care for the health and safety of all personnel of the company.
» To care for the environment and save the precious natural resources while conducting the operations of the company.

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