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Performance Top Trans SAE 15W-40 API CI-4/5L

Performance Top Trans SAE 15W-40 API CI-4/5L

OLYMPIA Performance TOP TRANS SHPD Engine oil is a modern low-viscosity universal engine oil use in all engines, under all operating conditions and all environmental stresses (all-year oil). It’s more than fulfils the highest demands that modern diesel and petrol engines currently place on engine oils. Research and testing over the years have resulted in engine oil with outstanding properties. Advanced additive technology guarantees outstanding low-viscosity and wear protection properties and enables maximum oil change intervals. The ideal lubricant for all diesel and petrol engines, whether with catalytic converter or not, and including versions with turbo chargers. Can be mixed with all commercially available engine oils.

PERFORMANCE LEVEL AND APPROVAL: ACEA –99 E5/B4/B3/A3, ACEA –02 E5/B4/B3/A2, API SL/CI-4, CH-4/ CG-4, CF-4, Mercedes Benz Blatt 228.3, 229.1, Volvo VDS III, MAN M 3275, MTU Type II, VW 505.00/501.01, Global DHD-1, CES 20071 / 20072 / 20076 / 20077, / 20078, Mack EO-M Plus
Renault V.I. RLD,
John Deere JDQ 78A


PACKING SIZES: 12X1L, 4X4 L, 4x5L, 25L, 60 L DRUM, 208 L DRUM

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