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Carboxylate base vanadium inhibitor

Carboxylate base vanadium inhibitor


  • Carboxylate base Vanadium Inhibitor with superior performance with water tolerance and asphaltene suspension in Heavy Fuel Oil or Crude Oil.
  • Result of years of research and development. It is a high quality, high purity oil soluble vanadium inhibitor that is manufactured in Germany and Netherlands.
  • Contains Magnesium 20% by weight that provides immediate mixing with Heavy Fuel Oil;
  • Intended to increase the melting point of ashes;
  • Prevents hot corrosion in gas-turbines and reduces hard deposit build-ups;
  • manufactured in Germany and Netherlands according to strict gas turbine anticorrosion standards;
  • Good stability, unhydrolyzed, non-volatile, low pour point and non-toxic advantages. To be used in different types of gas turbines which consume crude oil, heavy oil and light oil.