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Super Extra Premium 20W-50 API SJ/CF

Super Extra Premium 20W-50 API SJ/CF

OLYMPIA Super Extra Premium Engine Oil is an engine oil with a high standard of quality. Time-tested base oils combined with pioneering additive technology result in an engine oil that withstands all the stresses generated by modern petrol and diesel engines in all operating conditions. It neutralises negative influences from the fuel, reduces friction and wear and prevents sludge formation. OLYMPIA Super Extra Premium is an ideal engine lubricant for petrol engines with and without catalytic converters and for fast-running diesel engines including turbo chargers.

PERFORMANCE LEVEL AND APPROVAL: API SJ/CF, Mercedes –Benz Blatt 229.1, VM 501.01/505.00, MIL-L2 104 E


PACKING SIZES: 12X1L,4x3L, 4X4 L, 4x5L, 20L, 25L, 60 L DRUM

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